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Super Handsome Guille Chóa Being A Sexy Jock Tease

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Happy Wednesday guys! I hope it's a lovely day for you all, but just in case I have one of our fave models being a sexy jock tease. You can't see this gorgeous man and not have your spirits lifted.

You all know Guille Chóa already, right?

When we first saw him back in November last year he became an instant hit. He's one of those guys who always gets plenty of attention whenever we write about him here.

It's not hard to see why. I mean, we've seen a lot of handsome men here on the blog over the years. We've ogled plenty of gorgeous guys with awesome bodies. This guy has everything in the perfect amount.

If I were in any way a religious guy I might claim he's been perfectly pieced together by an artisan God lol

He's so good looking and well-built, but he has that super sexy attitude and the willingness to get his intact dick out for a photographer.

We've seen him naked numerous times already, just click his name above to see all those posts.

For this one he's being a sexy jock tease, with some friends, showing off his muscles and his cute butt.

Don't worry, I'm sure we're going to get more of him totally naked and playing soon enough. Maybe stick around and keep checking in for that, you know it's coming :)

Enjoy this gorgeous man once again and leave a comment. Don't forget to hit that thumbs-up button, too!

Have a great Wednesday. See you all back here tomorrow :)

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Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+26 rating, 30 votes)
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4 days ago

le quatuor et le trio , mmmm de chez mmm