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Is Rusty Joiner The Sexiest Muscle Dad?

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When I woke up this morning I never could have predicted that I'd be asking you of this man is the sexiest muscle dad in the world.

Then I opened my emails and these pics of stunning hunk Rusty Joiner attacked my senses, in the best way.

Perhaps not surprisingly this isn't the first time we've seen him.

It has been more than ten years since we last checked him out, though.

I have no idea why that is. This man should be everywhere, showing off that handsome face, and incredible body and that lovely smile.

His sexy nature certainly adds to the appeal.

I don't think he's ever posed fully naked, so I guess that might be one of the reasons he's not appearing routinely among the blogs out there, and why people don't usually send me pics of him.

We did see his lovely butt back in the day, and he did pose in some underwear shoots a couple of times.

We can kind of understand why he might be more reserved these days. He is a mainstream male fitness model, he's an actor, and he's quite well known and busy. I guess he doesn't have much time or need to pose for photographers in his underwear, or without it.

More is the pity. I think we would all love to see every inch of this guy.

So, let me know in the comments, is he the sexiest muscle dad? Would he gain that title if he posed naked for a photographer like Rick Day or Joan Crisol?

Enjoy, hit the thumbs-up button, share the post, and have a fantastic Friday!

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Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+15 rating, 25 votes)
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6 days ago

I remember when he was a Structure model.

Last edited 6 days ago by admin
5 days ago

Has a sexier, slightly used look now that’s very arousing. Gives off a scruffy, surfer vibe that downplays the perfectly chiseled body. Sad he doesn’t show his unit – bet it’s a beauty.

5 days ago


5 days ago

Love his body