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Israeli Fitness Model Eyal Berkover Is Looking Incredible

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I am still routinely surprised when I find a guy I believe we should have known about years ago, but yet somehow was overlooked along the way. Eyal Berkover is one perfect example of that.

One of my buddies sent me an email this morning suggesting I check out this gorgeous guy. My friends know me better than I know myself, it seems.

He’s a handsome man, ridiculously well-built, with muscles in all the right places. I was going to look for more of the guy when I saw this shoot but then I decided we would probably like to have plenty more of him in the coming weeks… I think there’s more of him out there, and hopefully wearing less!

There’s obviously a lot to love about this gorgeous Israeli fitness model, but would you just look at those eyes for a while. Seriously, how does a human get eyes like that?

These photos are by Angel Ruiz. I think we’ve seen several shoot from him before. I might have to do a little digging and see what else I can find if this is the kind of subject they go for.

He’s stunning, and I want to see more of him. Let me know in the comments if you approve, I assume you guys are gonna want to see more too?

Have a fab Wednesday!

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+33 rating, 37 votes)
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  1. Gary says:

    Oh Lord those eyes!

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