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Dudes With Their Dicks Out!

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It’s been a hot minute since we last did this, but after spending a little too long looking around the internet last night searching for some inspiration for a few erotic art pieces I have planned, I realized by the end of it that I had a pretty good collection of awesome guys showing off their dicks.

Naturally, you guys love to see a nice looking piece of manhood, so I thought maybe this weekend we’d have a little celebration of hotness, with a whole bunch of dudes showing off their ding-dongs in all kinds of ways.

Some of them are mainstream models, some are probably porn stars, and others are likely amateur dudes who just know how to take awesome photos of themselves. Regardless of the intent behind them all, these are some great images of guys revealing more than most models would, and in some truly beautiful pics.

It’s probably not too surprising that I had my “artistic eye” working hard while I was gathering this collection of photos together, so you’ll probably notice that they all have something creative about them, whether it’s the lighting, the angle or the composition.

Enjoy them all, and let me know in the comments if you have a fave.

Have a wonderful Saturday guys!

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+36 rating, 42 votes)
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  1. Niko says:


  2. Dan Grutzmacher says:

    The last picture is of Joseph Myska, personal trainer and model who sadly died from an overdose in Nov. 2006. He had a Playgirl spread as a firefighter in 1998 and did numerous shoots with photographers like Louis LaSalle

  3. Joseph lucas says:

    These guys are are so hot. They are this guy’s turn on. I could look at them all day. I love the way they’re sexy bodies are posed. And the close ups of them sexy cocks are beautiful. This man loves men.

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