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Rugged And Mean Looking Sharon Ben Sade Has A Hot Butt!

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Israeli stud Sharon Ben Sade is the kind of man who can really grab your attention, or at least he does for me. This is the kind of dude I see in the gym locker room or showers and I’m instantly boned up and can’t turn away even though you think maybe you should if you want to get out of there without bruises lol

There’s something dangerous about him, and incredibly sexy too. I could be entirely wrong, of course. For all I know he spends his free time fostering puppies and raising money for Malaria vaccinations.

It’s an odd combination, I’ll admit, that mix of meanness and hotness. You know how there are some guys you just really like the look of but you imagine being with them might be “problematic”? Yeah, I experience that feeling a lot, and without wishing to offend Sharon Ben Sade he definitely gives me that vibe.

Still, whether you think he’s mean looking or not, I could certainly spend some time ogling that hot bod, gazing at his handsome face and checking out that awesome ass.

I’m wondering if there are some nude shoots with him out there revealing everything. Don’t worry, I will be spending a little time this afternoon looking for just that! 🙂

Enjoy these pics by photographer zilumehad, and leave a comment below if you agree that he looks handsome, hot, but a little dangerous.

Have a fab Thursday!

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+30 rating, 42 votes)
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1 Response

  1. Jaro says:

    Hot, sexy without a doubt. A little of the bad boy image.

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