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In The Shower With Spanish Hunk Patxi Areitio Mira

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I have no idea how to pronounce his name, but I guess I won’t need to unless I accidentally meet him, and believe me if I did meet him that would be the least of my concerns.

He reminds me of another gorgeous European model, but I can’t put my finger on who that might be, although I would love to put more than just a finger on them, obviously.

Patxi Areitio Mira is showing off that hot bod for photographer Alejandro Ramírez in this sultry morning shoot, making us all wish we could have the opportunity to wake up next to the gorgeous man and then join him in the shower.

Yes, think about that for a while. Can you imagine spending a sunny morning in the company of this man? Would you even get to the shower at all? I would be inclined to just spend all day in bed, getting dirtier lol

I can tell you a little about him too… he’s 31, and he lives in Barcelona. There are already plenty of reasons to go there, but his mere existence in the city is surely a leading factor. They should perhaps get him on the tourism board for the city 🙂

I love everything about him, from those sexy eyes to that kissable mouth, that impressive bulge to those awesome abs…

You do agree, right? He is amazing.

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Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+31 rating, 47 votes)
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