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Cam Hunk Joey Miller Gets Our Juices Flowing

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So, on Friday I shared some photos of Joey Miller that came to me by email from a friend after I described a dude I’ve been lusting after at the gym, and I’ve managed to find out a little about this guy and get some more pics for you all to drool over!

It turns out Joey Miller is a bit of a performer. As I understand it, he’s in his 20’s, he’s straight, but he likes showing off his body – to a limit. Apparently he’s not interested in revealing all, but what we’ve seen of him so far is certainly enough to get our imaginations running wild.

He’s a handsome guy, no doubt about that. He’s got an awesome body too, and that ass is one of the most tempting muscle butts I think I’ve ever seen.

He does actually remind me a lot of the guy at the gym, but at least I get to see that dude in all his magnificent glory occasionally, when I manage to time my visit to the showers perfectly 🙂

Yeah, I’m that guy who checks out the other dudes in the showers, and I bet you all are too!

Enjoy his hotness, lounging around in a bed that we would all love to join him in. Leave a comment and show some love, hit that thumbs-up button, share the post if you can, and most importantly have a gorgeous Sunday 🙂

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+20 rating, 40 votes)
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