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This Is A Gym We’d All Love To Be A Member Of!

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I know it’s a Sunday, but I still feel guilty about not going to the gym when I see a video like this one. And, of course, it makes me wonder what kind of potential hotness I might have missed out on by skipping it!

Not that my gym is the kind of place where anything like this would transpire, of course, but a little mutual dick play in the showers and some swapping of numbers for some proper action later isn’t unheard of 🙂

Grant Ryan, Woody Fox and Steven Lee are minding their own business at the gym when Woody gets a little acrobatic and flips, dropping his phone for Stephen to retrieve and return. Grant is watching from the sidelines when things between them start to heat up, a little appreciative kiss soon leads to the two jocks groping for cock!

If you saw these two guys getting hot and heavy like this you would be looking to join in too, right? That’s exactly what Grant does, bringing his own engorged length of man meat to the oral party.

It doesn’t stay strictly oral, of course.

Having invited himself to the horny fun Grant soon finds his way between them, ass eating leading to both the men owning his hole and sharing him between them, until ropes of cum are launching from their dicks and finishing their workout with an epic display of jizz slinging!

I guess it’s probably a good thing that most gyms aren’t like this, but I think if they were a lot more guys would be a lot fitter and healthier as a result 🙂

Go check out the video at Falcon Studios!

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+15 rating, 21 votes)
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