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Lovely British Actor And Model Jack Harris, NAKED

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Yes, it’s definitely about time we had some sexy nudity on the Gay Body Blog, and although I wanted to share Jack Harris with you last week when a friend of mine sent me some pics of the guy I knew I had to wait a little, and it was killing me!

Even though I’m British and I know there are a lot of great British guys worthy of sharing on the blog, it’s actually a little hard to find them, so when someone suggests a dude you can be sure I’m gonna be out there looking for more. I’m very glad I did that with this guy!

He’s gorgeous, blue eyes and a fit body, and an uncut cock that he’s happy to show off for a good photographer.

Jack is from Southampton UK and he works as a roofer. Apparently he spends most of his free time working out, but he looks like the kind of guy you could really have fun with, too.

As you can see, he’s not shy. I guess being an actor too (I have no idea what he might have appeared in!) you need to have that extra level of confidence that guys like me just don’t posses.

I really, really like him. I’ve seen some other portrait shots of him, with those sexy blue eyes glistening, and he really is a handsome guy as well as being damn fit and with a great dick too 🙂

Apparently, he’s also a really nice guy too.

Enjoy these pics by photographer Markus Brehm, leave a comment, share this post, and have a bloody great Saturday!

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+51 rating, 59 votes)
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3 Responses

  1. Gordon Harris says:

    WOW! Jake Harris is hot.

  2. Edward Stallworth says:

    Very Hot hopefully I cam work with him and rest of othere celebrities during my TV career

  3. Bennett says:

    He is also known as Rowan Wellesley at FitYoungMen and EnglishLads.

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