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Italian Hotness In The Sun With Sexy Davide Marinoni

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I love Italian men.

In fact, I love Italian men, French men, Spanish men… damn, this could take a while.

We don’t see enough Italian hotness on the Gay Body Blog, in my opinion. I’m helping that mission along with this sexy post featuring the hot bod of 27-year-old handsome hunk Davide Marinoni, being a delicious tease out at the coast with very lucky photographer Alisson Marks.

I have no idea how a photographer manages to stay professional when working with a man like this, but I admire the results of her work here immensely. I wouldn’t be able to keep my cool with a guy like this naked and teasing in front of me.

The shades might be a bit much, but I think we can overlook that and enjoy the sexiness of his amazing body, his sweet face and that stunning jock ass, which we all want to see a whole lot more of after this.

Although this shoot is almost a year old he doesn’t seem to have done a whole lot more since. I have no idea why that would be. We demand more of this guy! Right?

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Have a wonderful Saturday!

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+19 rating, 29 votes)
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  1. Bill says:

    Enjoying the body, but dump the shades…not the best choice from the photographer….but otherwise……wow!

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