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I Really Want To Go Skinny Dipping With Bruno Poczinek

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I think I need to start this by clarifying that I’m going to be looking for a whole lot more of Bruno Poczinek after enjoying this first shoot.

I don’t know who the photographer is but I think you’re all gonna join me in thanking whoever it was lucky enough to have this gorgeous hunk of manly goodness in front of them for the day. Can you imagine spending a whole day just taking photos of this stunning man?

I know a little about him after doing some research, and it’s all great.

He’s Mr. Brazil 2017, he works as a police officer (yeah, imagine him in uniform!) and he started that career after being a personal trainer for a few years! Bizarrely, he’s also single, or at least he was.

I don’t know how that happens, I really don’t, unless “single” is code for something else? lol

After a brief look around out there it seems he’s done a few shoots but he has said before that he doesn’t take modeling very seriously and he wants to focus on his police career. I can appreciate that, but I would appreciate it more if he would maybe share some more pics of himself in uniform, and out of uniform! 🙂

Enjoy him, ogle him, lust after him, do all the things I’ve been doing for the last hour since I first saw that gorgeous face. Leave a comment and let me know what you think of him, isn’t he pretty damn perfect?

Have a fab Wednesday!

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+35 rating, 43 votes)
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2 Responses

  1. ramps says:

    Damn, he’s a total babe! Take me! **plunges into water and swims towards him**

  2. Bill says:

    Beautiful! A great addition to any water scene! He’s one cop y7ou’d love to meet! (out of the uniform preferably.)

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