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Check Out The Ass On Muscle Hunk Marco Pinotti!

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It’s Monday! I have a new mountain of paperwork on my desk and it’s intimidating me. Naturally, I need a little something to help me procrastinate and delay the inevitable, so of course I’ve been spending a little time this morning ogling some gorgeous guys on the internet.

I wasn’t sure if today was going to be a twinky day, a jock day or a muscle day, but when I saw these photos of Marco Pinotti it was decided for me.

If you don’t like incredibly well-built hunks with amazing bodies that can only make us all feel a little lazy, then look away now. I have a feeling none of you will, though!

I spent a little time looking for more of this guy hoping that there might be some full-frontal shots out there, but it seems he’s a bit of a tease. But hey, at least we get to check out that muscled manly butt of his.

He does have a gorgeous ass that I think every one of you would love to grope, along with a few other things.

He’s a ripped hunk, and although he would probably be a little intimidating if you encountered him in the gym showers, I don’t think any of you would be running away 🙂

Say hi in the comments, and hit that thumbs up button. Have a great Monday!

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+25 rating, 35 votes)
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