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Hunk Nicholas Cunningham Has Got The Tease Down In A Shoot By Marco Ovando

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Before you ask, no, I don’t think Nicholas Cunningham has revealed all in a shoot yet, but he’s come close a couple of times by the looks of things!

We saw him looking damn fine in a shoot last week, reminding me of someone I occasionally work out with and showing off his big bulge in some very sexy underwear, but this time he’s looking a little more rough and rugged in a damn sexy shoot for legendary photographer Marco Ovando.

Now, I need you to imagine being the photographer in this situation and knowing that there are probably some totally revealing naked photos of this handsome hunk out there somewhere. You just know that these photos are the cropped versions of what actually exists.

I bet the original images are even more beautiful than these ones.

Also, I need to also mention here that Mr. Cunningham totally looks like he could play a British bad guy in any spy movie or action film ever. He’s got that sexy and mean look about him in this shoot. You know what I mean, right? He’s like the villain you’re supposed to hate, but he’s just too damn gorgeous! lol

Let me know what you think of this shoot in the comments. We all want more of him, right guys? Have a fantastic Monday!

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Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+99 rating, 101 votes)
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  1. Gordon Harris says:

    Nicholas Cunningham is quite handsome, plus his physique is defined and nicely muscled. Like you said, it would be great to see every inch of him. Thanks

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