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Swimming With Jock Dude Alex García Lobo

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Happy Sunday guys! I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend so far. I am, although I’m a little hung over this morning. I don’t think my body can handle beer the way it used to.

I’m making myself feel a little better by checking out some hotness on the Internet, like I usually do. I was wondering what handsome hunk I could share with you guys today and then I found this awesome shoot with handsome Alex García Lobo by legendary Joan Crisol and I knew instantly that it would be one for the blog.

Yes, I’m feeling a little arty this morning, and when I get in one of those moods I’m usually looking for a slightly unusual shoot to share. I think this one qualifies!

Not only does the handsome hunk appearing in this shoot make me eager to get back to the gym (twice in one weekend? Ridiculous!) but I actually think I might go swimming tomorrow too. I haven’t been swimming for years and I’m suddenly in the mood for it.

I can almost guarantee I’ll regret this decision when I actually get there lol

Enjoy this handsome man and his gorgeous body. I think I might have to look for some more of him after this.

Have a great Sunday!

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+1 rating, 23 votes)
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