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Logan Swiecki-Taylor Is Bulging In All The Right Places

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Good morning boys! I did something shocking this morning, I went to the gym. I’ve really been slacking over the last few months and getting an email from the gym to check that I was okay was the last straw. I knew I needed to either go and make use of my membership or just call it quits and start eating cheesy snacks.

I’m glad I decided to do the former and not give up, because I met a guy who is about to become my new obsession unless I’m very careful.

He’s a gorgeous hunk of a man, incredibly well built, incredibly friendly, and hung too. Yes, I know this because after chatting over some horrendous piece of machinery I would be too scared to try we met up again in the locker room where he was anything but shy about showing off his gorgeous muscled ass and his long uncut cock.

I didn’t see him in the showers, but believe me when I say I thought about him a whole lot while I was in there šŸ™‚

Unfortunately I’m quite sure the guy is straight as an arrow. He made sure to mention his girlfriend a couple of times during our encounters. Still, he wasn’t shy about showing off that dong!

I’m not gonna pretend he looks anything like Logan Swiecki-Taylor in this shoot for the Rufskin company, because I don’t think anyone can look as good as this man does. But, he did have this kind of body and we all know that Logan Swiecki-Taylor is packing quite a lot of cock into those tight little undies.

Wow, that was a long post which barely mentioned the handsome hunk until the end. Sorry about that.

Enjoy this gorgeous dude showing off his incredible body, and leave a comment too. Make sure you check out past posts with Logan Swiecki-Taylor while you’re here, there’s a lot to enjoy.

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (-2 rating, 24 votes)
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3 Responses

  1. TFL1984 says:

    A negative net score suggests I am not alone in saying that if I wanted a woman, I’d stick with the original model. Let’s just say a guy’s hair getting into my face should be the least of my concerns when I am banging him silly.

    Mister Swiecki-Taylor has many fine qualities but this lifestyle choice has always been a real boner killer.

  2. TFL1984 says:

    This article is worth a second comment.

    I love the part where you say, “Unfortunately Iā€™m quite sure the guy is straight as an arrow. He made sure to mention his girlfriend a couple of times during our encounters. ” I have found that when I guy mentions his “girlfriend” a lot and/or when he’s with her, he constantly draws her close at the same time he is making eye contact with another dude, he is often trying to convince himself he is still a breeder.

    Long way of saying, Conran, keep flirting. You might score yet!

  3. Conran says:

    You’re right, of course. I’ve had experiences before with guys who are pretty adamant they’re straight, until they’re suddenly not so straight šŸ™‚

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