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Bulge VPL With Gorgeous Lance Syverson

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Okay guys, so I did warn you yesterday that we were likely to be seeing more of handsome young male model Lance Syverson on the Gay Body Blog and while I wasn’t expecting to find a hot shoot like this one for you guys the very next day I knew you would probably appreciate it.

I love some good bulge VPL, and while this shoot by Hayden Su leaves us wanting a whole lot more of the guy (preferably totally butt naked!) it’s enough to have us pausing and pondering for a while.

Hey, Sunday is supposed to be a “day of rest” or something like that, so you have an excuse to just sit back and look at these photos for a while, contemplate what you would do if you had the chance! lol

Believe me, the things I would do with this gorgeous guy if I had the opportunity are far too dirty for me to write here, but I guess you all have similar thoughts right now.

Enjoy the handsome guy showing off that impressive body, his tempting package and those stunning hairy legs. I never thought I was a “leg man”, but damn he’s got sexy thighs!

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Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+34 rating, 36 votes)
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  1. jos says:

    J’aime cette feuille de vigne moderne, mais ne porte t’il pas un slip M alors qu’un L serait plus adéquat ?

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