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Smooth, Buff And Bulging, Check Out Gorgeous Blond Jock Boy Karl Schilg

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I think I need to give Karl Schilg a nickname, and I think that nickname should be “The Package”.

I was quite certain we’d enjoyed this handsome and buff young blond hunk on the Gay Body Blog before, but I guess you all know how it goes when I say that. I seem to be writing that a lot these days.

This is the first time we’ve seen him here, but after this shoot by photographer Steve France you can be quite certain that I’m going to be spending a couple of hours later today looking for more images of the guy.

He’s a handsome and buff young hunk, but although I saw him and immediately imagined he was the kind of stereotypical all-American jock model, he’s actually British!

Yes, he’s one of ours, but we’ll share him with you and let you enjoy him, because us Brits are generous like that 🙂

He’s more than a model too, he’s a freestyle dancer, stunt performer, comedy entertainer, singer and songwriter, and appeared in several TV shows and at least one movie. That certainly makes a change from all the models who work as fitness instructors!

Check out that body, that handsome face and that damn fine looking bulge, too. He’s got it all going on and I hope I can find more of him out there in the future.

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+29 rating, 35 votes)
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  1. Bill says:

    Boy, if that doesn’t make my month!

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