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Dreamy Hunk Florian Boggia Looks So Damn Seductive

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For some reason I was looking at these photos of dreamy hunk Florian Boggia and wondering to myself when was the last time I just hung around my place in nothing but some tight little undies, in positions like this.

Go on, really think about it. When was the last time you acted like a cat and lounged around in the sunlight across your furniture in the way this guy does lol

No one does, right? But we never question that when we see shoots like this one by photographer Ronald Liem for DaMan Magazine. We don’t look at a shoot like this and wonder why the guy is posing like that, we just somehow like it.

For the record, I just stripped down to my underwear and draped myself across the couch in front of the window, striking one of these poses, and I felt so stupid I was embarrassed, even though only my dog saw me do it.

Whatever, Florian Boggia can get away with it, he’s gorgeous and he has a far sexier body and I do. I really don’t think I would be calling him stupid if he was acting like this and posing in such a sexy way in my living room 🙂

Enjoy his pics and leave a comment. Have a lovely Thursday!

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+19 rating, 31 votes)
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