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Who Is This Handsome Fitness Hunk For Teamm8?

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Would you wear this colorful and stretchy gear from Teamm8?

I get the feeling that I should have a name for this utterly gorgeous hunk showing off his moves for Teamm8, but for some reason I just can’t think of it. We’ve definitely seen him on the Gay Body Blog before, but I have no idea what to call him and I can’t find him name out there from Teamm8 either.

I guess some of you guys might know who he is though, so leave a comment at the bottom and share what you know so I can maybe get out there and find more of him.

Whoever he is, he’s gorgeous, and he’s got a great body. That handsome face is ridiculously hot, and his body is perfect. He’s not too muscled, but just a sexy fitness hunk with everything in the right place.

He’s looking pretty damn good in their gear for this shoot, too. I probably wouldn’t wear anything that tight and colorful when I’m working out, but it definitely looks tempting on him.

And, I have to admit that seeing a shoot like this gets me a little pumped up to get back to the gym and start working out. Then again, it’s probably not wise to start getting back into working out right before Christmas and the New Year! I guess it should be on my resolutions list.

Let me know what you guys think in the comments, and hit that thumbs-up button! Have a lovely Thursday.

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+29 rating, 43 votes)
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  1. Brian Liu says:

    He’s Dustin Deut.

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