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Aronik Gives Us An Overdose Of Muscle Hunks

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I know I speak for all of you out there when I say that the Aronik brand is one of the best for giving us muscled hunks who look stunning in their underwear, but I think they might have gone a little over the top with this latest endeavor!

Actually, I’m being a little hasty in saying that, every one of these guys is looking damn fine in their gear and if they want to keep giving us these buff studs showing off their assets then I’m totally okay with it.

Before we go any further, can I ask you guys if you know who the long-haired jock hottie is in the first pic? I’m sure we’ve seen him on the Gay Body Blog before but his name escapes me. If you know anything about him then please leave a comment so I can waste a little more of my day doing what I love – searching the Internet for more hotness to share with you guys!

You know what I love about their shoots too? They show off the back almost as much as the front. While other companies focus more on the package and the front of the guy showing off their gear, Aronik knows that you want your ass to look fine too.

Every ass seen in this shoot is DAMN fine 🙂

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+19 rating, 19 votes)
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4 Responses

  1. billygardener19 says:

    Oh, yeah. Aronik has the best of the best. They have even better ones out there, too.

  2. TFL 1984 says:

    They erred with Tarzan up there at the top, but, yeah, Aronik is definitely the standard.

  3. tonyc says:

    I’m not a ” brown person ” aka I own very few clothes in that color.. but that ASS in THAT BROWN bathing suit is a – work of art.. this entire campaign is amazing- now we need a runway show somewhere with these models.. is there a CALENDAR?? I would actually hang one up for these ” gods ” minus the long hair- cut that hair babydoll; come to nyc ; we’ll vid it & give it to Conran to post !

    Thank you Conran!!
    Tony – NYC

  4. JAY DENTON says:


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