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Enjoy Some More Naked Hunks From Classic Photographer Russ Warner

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I don’t know about you guys, but when Pride month comes around I start thinking a lot about the men and women who came before us and did a hell of a lot of work to get us where we are now. In my opinion, it shouldn’t just be about partying, and it shouldn’t just be about campaigning to make sure we’re still moving in the right direction in the age of monstrosities like Putin and Trump.

I did that this year, but I think we need to continue that theme a little more even though Pride month is over.

We should be spending a little time looking back and remembering the people who struggled and endured to make life better for everyone.

So, that’s why I think of men like Russ Warner.

He might not have been out there at the bars an clubs fighting off riot cops raiding the place looking for any excuse to crack some skulls, but he was one of those guys who was still working to push laws in the right direction and give a voice to a lot of other people.

So what if he was having a great time doing it, and so what if it was about taking photos of naked men like these? I have no doubt that images like this made men realize that they weren’t alone, that there was a community out there, and that one day they would be free to admire other guys like this as and when they want without oppression and without fear.

Even though it might be seen as a little more flippant to be singing the praises of Russ Warner, rather than some of the other fighters who were out there risking their lives, I think it’s pretty fitting for us here at Gay Body Blog.

Enjoy, comment, share and all that lovely stuff.

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+18 rating, 20 votes)
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2 Responses

  1. billygardener19 says:

    The look was simple, the models were great-looking, clean, and clean-cut. Beautiful guys, beautiful shots

  2. tonyc says:

    I wonder what the jail time was if they found these? I remember friends keeping any porn hidden way back in the closet or even a safe… times change thank god.. I just remember ” MAURICE ” and the specific notes after his death, when it was to be published; E.M. Forster wrote it from 1913-1914… but never saw the public till 1971 in the USA.. ( looking at my first edition I’m happy to have)


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