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An Unknown Buff Stud With A Great Bulge Appearing For Cocksox Australia

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Sorry, I don’t know his name.

I’m right there with you on wanting to know more about him though. I want to know who this handsome and fit dude is too, just so I can get out there and see what else I can find of him. He’s so sexy, with a great body and a perfect amount of fur on his chest, and he seems pretty comfortable showing of in front of the cameras.

I probably don’t need to say much about that bulge, you can already see how tempting he is and no doubt you can imagine what he’s packing!

It’s a shoot for the Cocksox Australia company, and needless to say they know how to show off their gear perfectly. Can you imagine being the one responsible for picking their models? They much have books of gorgeous men like this guy to flick through! Of all the jobs in the world that’s not a bad one in my opinion.

If you know who this guy is then I expect you to leave a comment and let me know too. In fact, leave a comment anyway and let me know what you think of this handsome man and his impressive bulge.

Have a great Thursday guys!

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+23 rating, 33 votes)
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6 Responses

  1. Scott says:

    Very handsome!

  2. tgf says:

    Handsome hunk!

  3. billygardener19 says:

    beautiful guy….great body

  4. JAY DENTON says:


  5. Calvin Tyler says:

    This fine young gentleman is Brandy Martignago

  6. TheLisp says:

    he is divine! and well packed! 😉

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