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Hairy And Buff Hunk Mark Raimondo Looking Fine

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This is one of those shoots where I feel like saying, cheer the fuck up! lol

I bet he looks good with a smile on his face, but we won’t get to see that in this shoot. We get the start of a smirk, like someone just told him a joke that he only got a few minutes later but he can’t laugh because it would show that he didn’t get it.

Believe me, I know that look, I’ve worn that look far too many times.

I’m am pretty sure we’ve seen handsome Mark Raimondo on the Gay Body Blog before, but I do believe he was in an underwear shoot and we didn’t know his name. And, back then he was looking far more lean, clean and smooth then too.

But, I think I prefer him looking like the buff and hairy hunk he is now for this shoot by photographer Cedric Terrell.

We all love a muscled stud with a little fur in the right places, and I think he’s pulling off that look perfectly in these photos.

He’s looking good in those Calvin’s too, but I think we all agree he would look even better totally out of them.

I don’t think we’re likely to get that from this guy, from what I’ve seen he knows how to show off some sexy underwear but he never goes too far and reveals all. Then again, you never know what we might get in the future!

He really is a handsome man, with a great body. I think it is a shame that he never seems to smile though.

Show some love in the comments and let me know what you guys think of him.

Have a great Tuesday guys, see you back here tomorrow for more of your daily hotness 🙂

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+19 rating, 31 votes)
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