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Would You Go Spelunking With Kirill Dowidoff?

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You learn something new every day! Today I discovered that exploring caves is called Spelunking – whether you do it with a massive hunk of a man like Kirill Dowidoff (aka Konstantin Kamynin) or not.

I think we would all prefer to do it with him though, right guys? I mean Spelunking, of course. Although, the list of things I wouldn’t want to do with this incredible stud is very short.

Whenever I see a shoot with him that we haven’t had on the Gay Body Blog before I know it’s going to do well. Even if you’re not normally into big muscle men I think almost every reader here loves him.

He’s incredible, so handsome, so built, and he’s willing to occasionally get his uncut cock out for a shoot too…

Although that was a while ago, and we haven’t seen his dick since then, as far as I know.

Here’s a message for Kirill if he happens to arrive here one day – please, I beg you, get that dick out for some sexy shoots more often!

Pavel Lepikhin is lucky photographer getting the chance to enjoy some alone time with this handsome and buff stud, and we’re all totally jealous of him.

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+21 rating, 23 votes)
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  1. Gary Myers says:


  2. James Denton says:


  3. marc antony says:

    Noticed plam trees growing in caves ,Wow thats something else. Nice looking guy though.

  4. marc antony says:

    Noticed Palm trees growing in caves, WOW that is something else. Nice looking guy,though.

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