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Mick Stallone Gives Ace Era An Amazing Cummy Fuck

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I think we all know that gay porn sees a lot of the same settings and themes over and over again. I can kind of understand why, there’s only so many horny locations and stories you can create before you start to repeat yourself and the number of videos a site like Raging Stallion puts out makes it even harder.

Having said that, I don’t think there are that many barbershop-themed hardcore porn videos out there.

Mick Stallone and Ace Era are the men cruising each other in the waiting room at ‘High n’ Tight’, which is a pretty apt name for this place considering what’s about to go down 🙂

Shameless Mick gets his hard cock out and Ace wastes no time getting down on the floor to feast on his delicious tool.

Revealing a “fuck me” tattoo on his ass, Ace makes is absolutely clear how this is going to go.

Mick isn’t the kind of guy to let someone down. Naturally, he gets his mouth between those plump jock cheeks and starts eating out his new friend’s hole in preparation for his length sliding up into him.

With his cock head easing in and soon being followed by every inch of his solid length Mick fucks his new buddy in every hot position until his cum can’t be held back for much longer and Ace gets his lips around it.

With a load gushing out for our greedy bottom to enjoy his own dick is soon gushing semen all over the floor and the two finish off their hardcore encounter with a sticky kiss.

Damn, if there was a barbershop like this near me my hair would look a lot better than it does right now lol

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+3 rating, 15 votes)
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