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Gabriel Arocha Oiled Up In The Sun

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Remember last week when I was saying how nice and sunny it was and how I was going to be spending a lot more time in the garden? Well, that’s all changed this week. It’s the start of Spring and the weather has become a little more rational for this time of year, even my god didn’t want to go out for a walk this morning once he stuck his snout out through the door.

But, that makes photo shoots like this one featuring Gabriel Arocha even more tempting and delicious.

He’s out in the sun enjoying himself, looking damn fine. It’s a shoot by photographer Adrián C. Martín, someone we have seen on the blog a few times before, someone we all seem to appreciate for his love of handsome and hunky jock dudes like this guy.

And once again I find myself wondering if there is someone on these shoots whose job it is to cover the guy in oil. Imagine having that job, imagine being the one there to feel up this handsome hunk and make his mounds of smooth and sexy muscle glisten in the sun…

There are a lot of jobs I would love to have in this world, but that has to be right up there in the top ten.

Enjoy him! Have a lovely Monday. If it’s sunny where you are, get your ass out there and enjoy it.

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+10 rating, 22 votes)
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  • tgf

    Sexy handsome man! Wow

  • Roger

    He’d get a thumbs up without the moustache