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Handsome Aussie Hunks In The Sun

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I predict that this is going to be a strange week. Since Friday I’ve had the impression, especially while speaking to my American friends, that everyone is expecting this week to be a bizarre shit show of reality TV nonsense coming from the US government.

We’re all gonna need a bit of a distraction from all of that, so I’m going to do my hardest to make this week as entertaining and sexy as possible. Prepare to see a lot of gorgeous men here, ready to give you at least ten minutes of relief from the crazy about to unfold lol

I’m starting this off with some hotness from aussieBum, a company we can always rely on to deliver some truly sexy Australian hunks in some very sexy swimwear. They haven’t let us down with this shoot, featuring a whole gathering of handsome men with great bods and sexy bulges enjoying the sun and the surf with each other.

There is not a single guy in any of these photos that I would turn down if the opportunity was there, and I guess most of you guys think the same.

I don’t know any names to put to any of these guys, but if you can identify any of them then please leave a comment, I would love to get some more shoots with them on the blog.

Have a great Monday, and remember that it’s okay to turn the news off when things get a little too Trump.

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+27 rating, 27 votes)
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2 Responses

  1. billygardener19 says:

    They sure grow ’em pretty in Australia!!!

  2. tonyc says:

    You said a mouthful Billy! I remember when this company started in Australia/ I believe the owner was also the photographer… the status of your body by sit-ups & your workout were all looked at as if you were doing runway for a fashion house in Paris. I decided to follow a blog of this Aussie guy/ I also had my own blog ….. so this guy would do two workouts per day/ just reading the fucking workouts he put his body through was torture for the readers.. I’ve been to Australia & my stats are 2:3 men are just sexy.. so this guy has his body all AussiBum “ready” I mean this guy was in a state of ” if I don’t get this gig my life is over!! I’m not joking about this/ some of the readers tried ” to talk him off the kedge” I think by the second callback; he knew he wasn’t meant to show D&Ass for AussieBum… that was really torture back in the 90’s.. why anyone puts themselves through that” meat grinder ” still amazes me.. and to be honest:: the bathing suits are not made well.. there’s a great old department store in all the big cities:: they have amazing clothes for the money.. but my heart does ” skip a beat” if you watch or see the early photography.. pure sex

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