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We Need More Of Josef Lauvers Naked

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I was hoping to find a great nude shoot to share with you guys today, something special, something hot, someone handsome… then a friend emailed me a pic of Josef Lauvers by Eduardo Bravin and I went looking for more (thanks Josh!)

I’m going to say right from the start that this shoot does something for me, not just because of the handsome man showing everything off out in the sun.

The setting and the style for this one is so dreamy, it’s like someone dragged photographer Nicolas Aristidou out of his apartment and took him to a field. It’s got that same summer haze and lazy loveliness to it.

Dare I say it’s romantic?

And obviously Josef Lauvers is absolutely sexy as hell. He’s the kind of guy who really does it for me, lean and athletic, and with an uncut cock to show off too. This is the kind of handsome guy you can imagine reading poetry with under a tree before you go skinny dipping in the river nearby…

Okay, I just got all romantic on your asses and I feel a little dirty for it lol

Enjoy his photos, rest assured I’m going to be out there later seeing what else I can find from both the model and the photographer.

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+4 rating, 18 votes)
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  • D.J.

    Manscaping is essential but the shaving of the pubes is out of control an not attractive at all.