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I’m Ready To Start Lusting After Buster Battreal

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Yes, this is another guy I’m shocked to discover we’ve never seen on the Gay Body Blog before, but if I have my way he’s going to become a regular.

Damn, this man is fine!

It looks as though he might be very new to the modeling business, so I guess it’s not so shocking that we’ve never seen his handsome face and sexy body on here before. In fact, he’s so new there are only a few photos out there, and it looks like he was only in his most popular mainstream shoot a couple of months ago.

The pics I’ve seen are great, though, with some hot underwear bulging going on in some of them too. I think I’ll definitely be getting those photos on here, probably tomorrow.That doesn’t mean much when it comes to showing it all off (which is ultimately what we all want from a guy like this, right? lol) but you never know.

Will we get some great nude photos from the guy in the future? I hope so, and not just because it would be titillating. I think he would look amazing in a sexy naked shoot by a great photographer.

I really can’t wait to see what else we see from this handsome young hunk, I’m hoping we get to see some shots of him by Rick Day, maybe he could coax him out of his underwear too? 🙂

Enjoy his pics, leave a comment, give him a thumbs-up and share this post around if you get the chance.

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+8 rating, 14 votes)
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