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Getting Dirty With Hung European Hunk Ryan Kutcher

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It’s time for some cock out fun on the blog, and considering it’s Christmas day you guys deserve something pretty special, so how about a gorgeous European hunk with a big uncut cock to show off in an amazing shoot?

This is Ryan Kutcher, aka Patrick Gizz, and he’s one of those extremely confident guys who manages to straddle the line between mainstream male modeling and horny gay porn. He definitely has the assets for both, though, wouldn’t you agree?

Not only is he a handsome and buff hunk you can totally imagine walking down a runway in Milan in some bizarre fashion no one ever actually buys, but you can totally see why he gets his cock out in front of the cameras.

I know I’ve said plenty of times before that I am not a size queen, but I think we all admit that while any size man meat is fun to play with we all get a little greedy from time to time. None of you would be complaining that there’s too much here to enjoy 🙂

I like this shoot too, a little dirty in all the right ways. It might be a little cliche, but I think we can deal with that.

Again, I hope you have a great Christmas Day, drink, eat and be merry.

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+28 rating, 32 votes)
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  • Robert Visconti (Rob)

    I agree that Ryan Kutcher’s jock strap doesn’t spoil the view of his sizeable cock, but why is it necessary to carry forward that useless jock through this grand series of 10 snaps? We can see that his penis is capable of standing up for itself. The jock just gets in the way of our viewing pleasure… RobtheElder