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I Need To Go To Australia

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What is it about those Aussie men that does it for so many of us? I was just checking out these gorgeous guys showing off their buff bodies for the aussieBum brand and instantly decided that I need to book a long holiday there.

I’ve met some Australian guys over the years (it may be a stereotype but they seem to love coming to the UK and working in our London bars) and from my experience so many of them are just great dudes with an adventurous attitude and an eagerness to explore absolutely everything.

I don’t know where it comes from, but I definitely appreciate that daring nature. I’ve had a whole lot of fun with guys like that over the years 🙂

I would not be turning down any of the gorgeous men in this latest shoot from the brand, showing off their sexy bods out in the sun and enjoying the beach.

Can you imagine spending the day out there with all these guys? Gorgeous location and surrounded by equally gorgeous guys… what could be better?

I think aussieBum needs to team up with the Australian Tourism Board (or whatever they have), shoots like this could do wonders for increasing visits to the country and their beaches! lol

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+11 rating, 11 votes)
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4 Responses

  1. Henry James says:

    Luv Aussie gods so bad!

  2. tony c says:

    Been nine times over the past 20 years usually for Mardi Gras/ even joined a group one year and marched w/ them. Very organized . I had to show up early for rehearsals.. Aside from that I go for At least one month / my body can’t deal w/ time change.. Take that side trip to the Great Barrier reef & climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge.. Then at nite it’s party time/ the beer there is totally different then USA / hunks of men & women/ when they speak I fall faint for that accent & then they call me Yank.. Had to look over my shoulder to see if they were talking to me/ I have a thick NY accent & I forget . I stay that length of time bc it’s usually the dead of Winter here / stop over in LA for a nap at the airport & head off on the 10 pm Quantas flight gets me to Sydney @ 9 am some day in the future .. I think I wear two watches sometimes .. Take time NOT to party/ see the gardens smack in the middle of town & if you have a balcony / window , cocktail time bc you sit & wait for one of the miracles of Sydney.. The Bats come flying out in the sky squeeking in the thousands against the sunset.. That took me 4 visits to finally figure out what bird was making that noise.. You’ll hear them in the trees at night in the Pkaygrounds where The mardi dance is held.. It’s like you have arrived in ” Alice in Wonderland” you can pick any character you want to be.. Get out of the city/ get on the ferries to anywhere, go to the Zoo that’s on an island plan the trip & not all around Mardi Gras.. Fab country & the people.. Can’t wait to do one more trip
    Cheers to Aussies

  3. GAYHAPPYBOY says:


  4. curious_sixty_two says:

    I concur about Australian men in general. I read that, originally, Australia was a British penal colony. Perhaps, all those prisoners focused on keeping fit and the genetics were set for the generations to cum, I mean come? My two cents.

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