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Blond Hunk Ed Garcea By Gus Bastos

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I have another brand new guy to share with you today, and I already know that a lot of you guys are going to become a little infatuated with this handsome and hunky jock dude after you see these photos.

The man responsible is Gus Bastos, and I’m pretty sure we’ve seen some of his work on the blog before although I can’t seem to find it right now. Whatever he’s done before I think this shoot is going to have a lot of us wanting to see more from the guy.

Ed Garcea is such a handsome hunk, with a great body. The best thing about him might actually be that he’s confident enough to get pretty teasing in this debut shoot, but we still want to see more though, right guys?

I’m not too sure about the peroxide look, but I’m not gonna let that detract from the gorgeousness of this muscled hunk.

Let me know what you guys think in the comments below, feel free to give him a thumbs-up, and why not share this guy around on Twitter and so on too? I’m sure you have plenty of friends who would love to see him 🙂

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+4 rating, 16 votes)
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  • tonyc

    True story:: a friend ( worked in Hollywood)used to dye the crotch region of women to match their hair( that’s a way back) anyway the saying is” the carpet must match the drapes” i blame the stylist if he wanted to be Doris Day.. I don’t care for shaving but this is an exception .. Shave your armpits etc .. Just the visual looks like you did it in your bathroom but he is HOT ! Conran you have very good tastes in men…

    This is for the suggestion box:: I was up late watching 50 Shades of Grey.. Please do a post of Jamie Dornan ..man that was a really good movie & not bc of the sex scenes for me.. If everyone in any relationship would have a ” business meeting” and negotiate what your willing to do & not do along with seeing other people, it’s a very doable thing but I’m always so in love I don’t talk I just fuck.. You must sit at either end of the table & it does not have to be on paper/ verbal agreement is binding for me.. If you’ re not happy, let it go or work on being happy , it’s a total waste of two lives on planet Earth.. I just think or try, that we can evolve and make things better just under our roof..what I’ve said has not one thing to do with S&M / I truly appreciate that community for the knowledge but not my ” cup of tea” just thinking if I met a Chritian Grey could he change my mind ? That’s all..
    Cheers tony