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Handsome And Buff Fitness Model Quinn Biddle

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Before I start this post I need to knowledge that some of you will instantly dislike this guy because of the ink, but I’m hoping that for most of you his handsome face and that immensely buff body might make up for the tattoos.

Believe me I understand the dislike of random patterns on guys bods, but in his case I really don’t mind it so much. Quinn Biddle is a gorgeous guy with an amazing body, and with these random shots of the hunk mixed in with some selfies too he’s looking lovely.

I guess this handsome fitness model is pretty new to the world of modeling, judging by all the selfies I’ve seen of him, but you might recognize the style of the more professional shots in this post too.

Amazing photographer David Vance is responsible for these pro shots, making the handsome hunk look even more stunning.

If he is new to the business I think we’re going to be seeing a lot more of him out there (and on here) in the future, and I have to say I’m looking forward to that. I would love to see Rick Day give him that revealing treatment he’s famous for 🙂

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+4 rating, 16 votes)
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  • tony c

    God is in that face but oh vey! The tats

  • curious_sixty_two

    I actually appreciate all the ink. It clearly separates the wheat from the chaffe when it comes to lust / lover worthy candidates. The gyms I go to are full of inked muscleheads. Since they are so repulsive from the get go, focusing on the work out — the reason I’m there — isn’t a challenge AT ALL.

  • I dont mind the tats but fuck that face is hot!

  • NoNdInSite

    Quinn is HOT! The ink is a Hot Mess!!

  • Nathan

    He is gay. He was in temptation of eve and gets with photographers (I. E. Anthony downs, etc) and doesn’t pay them in exchange for sex. — insider

  • Mr Good Taste