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We All Love Anatoly Goncharov

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Anatoly Goncharov is one of those hunks we will always want to see more of, especially when he’s showing off his incredibly hot body and that tempting cock bulge in a shoot as good as this one.

I know, it’s another beach shoot, but in this case I think we can forgive that just because of the gorgeous guy appearing in the shoot. Seriously, this guy could do a shoot in a funeral home and I really don’t think anyone would be complaining, as long as he’s showing off some muscle in the process lol

This shoot is by Tom Sinclair, a talented guy I think we all agree. Then again, I don’t imagine it’s too difficult taking excellent and incredibly sexy photos of a guy like Anatoly Goncharov.

That chest, those abs, those thick thighs… everything about this handsome hunk is totally amazing.

We definitely need a naked shoot with this guy though, right? I can totally imagine him in a real hot nude shoot by Rick Day.

I wonder why that hasn’t happened yet?

**runs away to search for a shoot that I might have missed**

Enjoy the pics, leave a comment below, share it far and wide with all of your lovely and lucky friends 🙂

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+17 rating, 21 votes)
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