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Todd Sanfield Looking Amazing, As Always!

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I guess it goes without saying that whenever I see a shoot with Todd Sanfield out there it’s going to end up on the Gay Body Blog, would you expect anything less? Check out this gorgeous hunk in a new shoot, and feel free to drool.

My love of this guy and his amazing body (and cock) is so well known now that even some of my buddies send me emails when they see this guy in a new shoot, and I love them for their dedication to my visual enjoyment 🙂

Kevin McDermott is the photographer taking these snaps and showing this gorgeous guy off in such an amazing way, so well done to him, the lucky man!

You all know that there are a lot of guys in the male modeling world I love to see getting their kit off, but I have to say that Todd is definitely right up there in a minority of guys I just go nuts over. I’m sure I’m not the only one though, I can predict that a few of you guys are going to feel the urge to comment about this post down below – that’s your prompt to do it and say something, subtle aren’t I? lol

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+17 rating, 23 votes)
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  • He has the perfect body. Just how old is he?

  • Andrew

    This man is Adonis incarnate. Looks like he’s made from marble.

  • Henry James

    Andy: u r completely right!