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Mario Beckman Cheered Me Up This Morning

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Hello my lovelies! It’s Monday, and I think some of you might be having the same kind of day I’m having, so hopefully this hunk might cheer you up a little the way has for me.

I had a shitty start to the day today, with a guys I was supposed to be hooking up with this afternoon bailing on me. Then I had a call from my boss telling me that there was a massive pile of work that I needed to do “immediately”.

Right after that I managed to spill a cup of coffee all over my keyboard, rendering it useless. So, I go and buy a new one and end up in a line of idiots who seemed to need advice about everything from USB ports to printer cartridges. Almost an hour later I got back to my desk and finally started work, while my boss was emailing me again asking if the work was done yet…

Thankfully a friend learned of my crappy day from a Facebook post and sent me an email with the gorgeous Mario Beckman showing off his muscles, and I instantly relaxed. lol

I hope you haven’t been having the kind of day I’ve been having, but if so then I hope this gorgeous stud might cheer you up a little too. Kick back, enjoy his sexy photos, and just chill the fuck out 🙂

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+20 rating, 32 votes)
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  • rjtopher

    Mario has a great way of filling out his speedo – damn he is hot.

  • 1tony165

    Great guy & I really like the bathing suits

  • curious_sixty_two

    Sorry Todd Sanfield and Steven Dehler, I think you’ve been replaced. This guy is rock hard muscle from stem to stern and, well, he’s a Latino. So, wow! That’s a real hard combination to beat.

  • joseph moureau

    three cheers and more! what a beauty