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Hairy Sexy Hunk Paricio

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I had to share this shoot when I saw a couple of pics of this handsome and hairy hunk showing off and teasing us with his very interesting outfit. His name is Paricio, but I wish I knew more about him and could tell you something other than what I’m about to tell you…

He’s a hot, hunky and slightly hairy man with a great body and a what appears to be a rather impressive uncut cock too.

There, that’s pretty much all I can tell you about this guy, and it’s rather depressing. I want to know his full name so I can maybe get out there and see if there are any other revealing and tempting shoots with him showing off his goods, so if you know anything you simply must share in the comments!

The shoot is apparently by Rene de la Cruz, a name I don’t think we’ve had on the blog before. But if this is what they usually do then I think we might have to have a little more of their work!

Shot for America Exótica Magazine, this handsome and hunky guy is revealing more than most male models, and that’s why we like him so much. We need a lot more of him though, right guys?

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+5 rating, 13 votes)
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  • 1tony165

    I wish we could see some of his face (front).. I like this photo shoot . Hints of pubic hair.. I’d wear that fishnet tank.. It all works for me .. I give it 8/10⭐️