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Steven Dehler And Milan Christopher Get A Little Hot

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So a few days ago I shared a very sexy shoot with the utterly, insanely gorgeous Steven Dehler, and I knew then that even though we’d seen him on the blog a few times before there were a few shoots we’d missed out and that they deserved to be shared on here. I went out there looking for a little more of this stunning dude today, and I found this excellent, highly erotic shoot with him alongside the equally hot Milan Christopher. No doubt you guys would appreciate this one!

I’ve had some horny fun in some interesting places, from a security guards reception desk to an apartment buildings maintenance cupboard, but one of the worst was in a car. I don’t know how guys do it, but then again I am more than 6′ tall, so getting anything done in a car other than sitting motionless is a little trickier for me than the average person lol

I would be willing to give it another try though, if I could attempt it with Stephen (or Milan for that matter!)

I don’t care if I stick a foot out of the window, or jam a limb down under a seat, I would not be refusing the opportunity to share some horniness with either of these guys in any car if I had the chance. Would you?

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+4 rating, 8 votes)
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  • NoNdInSite

    Steven is an all-time blow-your-load hottie…And no one can do him more justice than when Justin Monore’s lens is licking this gorgeous man!

  • curious_sixty_two

    Steven — especially this butch marine haircut version — would definitely not be kicked out of my bed. But, like you, Conran, I am in the six feet category and the car just won’t do. After all, breakfast in bed is a nice end to the weekend, no?

    As for Milan, his athletic, well-muscled behind aside, he’s inked so …. he’s off the menu.

    Happy Holidays!

  • Scott

    You’re a fool. Sorry, but Steven has piercings…ears and nips. I believe that disqualifies him in your little world, doesn’t it?

  • Conran

    I would never be able to dismiss someone simply because they have some ink. I really don’t understand that at all.
    Happy Holidays 🙂

  • Ben

    I love love love Steven. Cannot get enough of that handsome face and gorgeous body. I wouldn’t be kicking Milan out of my bed either.

    Wouldn’t be interested in doing anything in a car though. I need to space to really have a party! lol

  • curious_sixty_two

    Well, Scott. To show you I have “some” ability to compromise, if a guy wears small studs in his ears, he is not automatically disqualified. He can always remove them once he falls madly in love with me. As for nipples, that is an automatic DQ. I have never seen SD wear any such metal — in these or any other photos. But, yeah, that is a deal killer.

    Self destructive behavior is self destructive behavior. I buried two parents (tobacco and alcohol) and an older sibling (HIV) because of those character weaknesses. Why would I welcome such a repeat performance in my relationships? That is not logical. The cycle must end. It does with me. If that means I remain alone, so be it. Praise Jesus!

  • Scott

    Thank you. I think you’ve proven my point. Conditional acceptance is hardly compromise. But then again, what do I know? You better be careful…you’ve chatted with one of the great unwashed you cast judgment upon, as I am both positive and pierced…a genital one, no less! What would Jesus have to say about that? (You don’t have to respond.)

  • curious_sixty_two

    I am not condemning you to death, Scott. We all have preferences.

    You’re probably not eating out your landlady’s vagina because, well, you don’t roll that way. I don’t fuck thugs. Personal preferences, we all have them — even you.

    Heck, I probably work with, occasionally have a beer with and hang out with folks who are inked, bearded and pierced. Great! Let’s have fun. We just won’t be registering at Crate & Barrel and my nephews won’t be calling any of these guys Uncle Scott.

    All good.

  • Henry James

    Mind-blowing pics! Steven is a gay dream come true!