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So, I was thinking about what I should share with you guys on the blog for a nude post, and I considered that it’s been a while since we had some hot uncut men showing off their hooded members for the internet community. After a little searching (which I have to confess was a lot of fun) I’ve gathered together some juicy uncut dicks that I think plenty of you will love to see.

I’m also eager to tell you about a great guy I hooked up with last month who had one of the most impressive foreskins I have ever seen too.

As a Brit I’m uncut (most of us are) but I have a real thing for foreskin. The more there is the better – within reason. I love the sight of it, the feel of it, love playing with it and really enjoying it when I’m with a guy who knows how hot it is.

So, this guy I hooked up with a buff and handsome dude with little experience, and after a drink we got back to my place and started making out. One thing quickly led to another and I was confronted with a 7″ dick that even when hard had a long hood over the head. It was amazing to play with, and he enjoyed himself as much as I did 😉

Yes, I will be meeting up with him again sometime this month.

Anyway, enjoy these sexy uncut dicks, I have a feeling you will anyway.


Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+6 rating, 8 votes)
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  • Bruno

    This turned me gay

  • walfriedo

    schöne, leckere Schwänze……………….lechz……..