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Uncut Jérémy gets naked

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Although we’ve had one nude shoot on the blog already I just couldn’t resist sharing this sexy naked collection of Jérémy showing everything off.

I have a slight criticism that I’m going to get out of the way first though, and that’s going to be my usual gripe about airbrushing and making models look like mannequins. I think that’s happened in this shoot to be honest, and while I don’t like it I do appreciate that a lot of you guys would want to see this handsome and sporty young male model showing off his rather well endowed uncut cock and those low hanging balls 😉

So, even though there’s something I can bitch about, there’s plenty more that I really can’t complain about at all! lol

It’s great to see a male model so comfortable in his own skin, and I mean that quite literally. Of course there’s a national difference here in that European men are generally not circumcised, but as a proponent of the right to remain intact without having pieces of your body severed by ignorant parents and even more ignorant doctors, I love that uncut men like this guy are getting out there in the mainstream male photography world.

He’s hot, he’s uncut, he’s sexy as hell, enjoy!

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+7 rating, 7 votes)
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  • Christian

    He is very beautiful, what is its name and which is the photographer who has to realize these magnificent photos?
    Thank you

  • Roger

    Pity I can’t view the pics and comment as they won’t download for me!

  • Gary

    None of the pics will open on this guy. I tried using my iPhone, my apple computer, and a Dell pc. No luck.