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A Shirtless Stephen Amell

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It’s hard to follow up a post of an incredibly hot naked guy with a mainstream collection of pics that are very tame in comparison. But, I think a lot of you will like this one.

I’m going to be honest and say that, perhaps because I live in the UK, I had never heard of Arrow before finding these photos and seeing the guy playing the lead character. But now that I’ve seen him, and read a little about it, I might be inclined to take a look and will probably end up losing a weekend catching up with what I missed! lol

A little while ago I shared my adoration for rugged looking action men like Bear Grylls, Mike Vogel and Jordan Steele, and after seeing Stephen Amell in these promo posters for Arrow I think I definitely should be adding him to the list.

He’s not the only one showing off his hot torso for the promotion of the show either, which tells me they’re looking at expanding their fan base into women and gay men – I’m happy to oblige, as long as they can promise me that there’s going to be some semi-nudity in the show too lol

A Shirtless Stephen Amell 1

A Shirtless Stephen Amell 2

A Shirtless Stephen Amell 3

A Shirtless Stephen Amell 5

A Shirtless Stephen Amell 6

A Shirtless Stephen Amell 7

A Shirtless Stephen Amell 8

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