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A Shirtless Stephen Amell

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It’s hard to follow up a post of an incredibly hot naked guy with a mainstream collection of pics that are very tame in comparison. But, I think a lot of you will like this one.

I’m going to be honest and say that, perhaps because I live in the UK, I had never heard of Arrow before finding these photos and seeing the guy playing the lead character. But now that I’ve seen him, and read a little about it, I might be inclined to take a look and will probably end up losing a weekend catching up with what I missed! lol

A little while ago I shared my adoration for rugged looking action men like Bear Grylls, Mike Vogel and Jordan Steele, and after seeing Stephen Amell in these promo posters for Arrow I think I definitely should be adding him to the list.

He’s not the only one showing off his hot torso for the promotion of the show either, which tells me they’re looking at expanding their fan base into women and gay men – I’m happy to oblige, as long as they can promise me that there’s going to be some semi-nudity in the show too lol

A Shirtless Stephen Amell 1

A Shirtless Stephen Amell 2

A Shirtless Stephen Amell 3

A Shirtless Stephen Amell 5

A Shirtless Stephen Amell 6

A Shirtless Stephen Amell 7

A Shirtless Stephen Amell 8

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+1 rating, 1 votes)
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  • curious_sixty_two

    Mr. Ammell is OK. But, his predecessor in the same role when it was a supporting player on “Smallville”, Justin Hartley, was VERY easy on the eyes. Plus, he came with no ink which is always preferable.
    I felt sorry for Justin. He is a good actor and, episode after episode, the writers/producers found a silly reason to include his gratuitous shirtless scenes. Again, it was completely pointless to the plot, but appreciated nonetheless.
    If he was a terrible actor and eye candy was all that he was worth — and TV has plenty of them (most notably, Aaron O’Connell in the dreadful “The Haves and Have Nots” on OWN) — that would make sense. But, he was the real deal and I felt for him.
    BTW, “Arrow” has three episodes in the upcoming season to introduce another DC super hero, “Flash” who will get his own show in 2014. I have seen pictures of the actor they cast and, like all the actors hired for shows on the CW, he is also VERY easy on the eyes. Had a recurring role on “Glee” as one of the members of the prep school club “The Warblers.”

  • PeterStJ

    Do I see Colton Haynes in there? Hum… I never liked the plot of the series, but maybe I could give it a try if this really is him..:)

  • tgf

    I love the Show!! Its a little dark in atmosphere, tho! And that is Colton Too! mmmmmmmm

  • 1tony165

    I was so into this show in the beginning…Amell made sure he was always available to his fans online,he even would follow each episode as you were watching, he was great to his fan base but he knew how “to work it as well as L.Gaga does…then John Barroman came on..the story lost me and no amount of great bodies could save it for me….these pics are great,Amell is hot… Amell does not do most of his stunts because of insurance reasons but he wants to :-)…. there’s a couple of episodes of HBOs Thomas Jane series(forgot the name, sorry T.Jane!) he plays a male escort for women, still had that great body..I just think seeing way too much Marvel comics has me gagging & I love these kinds of show. I tried to look at Ironman 2 last nite ,had to turn it off, just too much special effects & not used creatively. Marvel was bought out by Disney ad I guess they want to keep their stockholders HAPPY!!…



  • curious_sixty_two

    The HBO show was called, “Hung.” Presumably, Tony, you are a gay male. How could you not remember that title? I remembered and I do not even subscribe.

  • 1tony165

    Yes HUNG..I get 25 lashes with a whip

  • 1tony165

    Don’t believe Amell’s ink is real

  • curious_sixty_two

    Careful, Tony. With the visitors attracted to this site, somewhat may take you up on your offer. ; )

  • curious_sixty_two

    Oops. Typed too fast … meant “someone might take you up on your offer.”

  • curious_sixty_two

    Hi, Tony. I have reason to believe you are right. If you are a loyal watcher, you know that much of Oliver Queen’s story is told via flashback. He was being held captive on a remote island and not only does his ink look exotic but he also has some nasty scars from his incarceration / torture experience.
    I would not be surprised at all if they are added for the purposes of the plot. Off set and/or on hiatus, he may, indeed, be an inkless, scar-free hunk. Certainly, those eyes and that square jaw of his do it for me.
    Still, in general, I HATE ink. Conran (blogger) thinks I am being too harsh but it’s a personal taste issue. Not saying anybody should be sentenced to prison for it. But, by the same token, nobody enamored with that symbolism of thug culture will ever be welcomed into my bed. It just sets off all kinds of red flags — the mere decision to self-mutilate.
    Peace of the Lord be with you, sir.

  • curious_sixty_two

    Good news everyone! Justin Hartley,who played “Arrow” as a supporting character on Smallville? He’s back!

    Won the coveted role of Patrick, the long lost son of the leading villainess (played by Madeline Stowe) born when she was a teenager. In typical soap opera fashion, she relucantly gave him up for adoption. Probably the last selfless thing Victoria Grayson ever did.

    And, true to form for this poor guy, producers had him emerging from the bathroom wearing only a towel and meeting his half-sister for the first time. Still smooth, toned and inkless — thank you, Justin!

    They don’t list him as a member of the regular cast so fans should probably catch him when they can. Soaps kill off characters on a regular basis.

  • curious_sixty_two

    Completely forgot to mention to show Justin joined. Duh. “Revenge”, Sunday at 9 PM — ABC (United States)