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The Buff Jock Philip Fusco!

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I know I said yesterday that the Lucas Malvacini never fails to impress (and it most definitely is true for a lot of us!) it has to be said that there are a few other guys who make it onto the Gay Body Blog who could be described as having a similar effect. Buff jock Philip Fusco is one of them. You only need to go back and check out some of the previous posts here to see how hot he’s been consistently, and how much a lot of the readers enjoy him.

As if you need much proof of that, just check out these sporty-themed shots of the gorgeous young man wearing very little for Sensitif. I always enjoy it when a photographer falls back on the American Football jock theme, some might consider it a little easy and stereotypical, but what the hell, it works for me! Chuck a hot guy in something small and tight and give him a football to hold and I can waste an entire day enjoying locker room fantasies starring the dude! lol

These shots are taken by Simon Le, a name a lot of us are pretty familiar with here. And I think we all approve, yes? 😉


Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+8 rating, 8 votes)
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  • sam

    That’s a Main Course Italian meal!

  • John

    Hot indeed!