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Alex Minsky Gets Ridiculously Sexy!

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The ridiculously gorgeous Alex Minsky has been getting even sexier than he ever has been in this collection of shots. We had some photos of the stunning inked hunk on the blog before and the opinion of readers was almost unanimous – one leg or not, the guy is sexy as hell!

Now, obviously there’s a few things about him that make him stand out from the crowd. The ink does a lot to make him incredibly different, and his handsome good looks obviously are an attribute we can’t ignore, but the fact that he has overcome losing a leg to become this amazing man is perhaps the biggest thing.

In a world where the concept of “beauty” has pretty much always been controlled by smooth and beautiful people, unblemished and uninspired, almost clone-like, he has pretty much changed the business with his success. People are responding to his image, and that support is pushing the boundaries of what “beauty” is considered to be in the world of fashion photography.

Think about this for a moment… if you controlled a major brand, would you rather have a man like Alex Minsky representing you to the audience, or some unremarkable and bland “attractive mannequin”? Just the response from the audience alone would be reason to choose the former.

I love it, and I think Alex Minsky has to be one of the sexiest male models to arrive on the scene in the last few years, not to mention one of the most interesting and inspiring too.

Show some love in the comments, I know you will! 😉

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+3 rating, 5 votes)
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  • nicks40

    Now that’s a man …

  • nicks40

    Now that’s a man …

  • sammy

    Enough of this hot cock teasing! It time for sexy Alex to show that firearm hidden in his holster!

  • egon099

    This shows that if something is missing it doesn’t mean nothing is left.
    And what is left can be quite enjoyable 😉

  • Markuss

    As you said “ridiculously gorgeous”!! Wooof

  • Suyash Sachdeva

    Of course ! he is a real man or stud . He is dapper and damn hot . His amazingly appearance shows nothing makes him reluctuant what he has achieved now. This is a main reason to watch him again and again additionally his perfect good looks and damn sensual body is a plus benefit.

  • amit

    Now tht’s a men…Really appreciative guys…:)

  • DgThe Rod

    I agree this man is hot! Now for serious business, let it all hang out! Dg