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Bye Then, Jake Genesis!

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Have you seen? I don’t know whether to be pissed about this or just laugh at the stupidity of it all.

Porn star hunk – and one that I have absolutely lusted after since seeing him for the very first time a year ago – has “done an Angus” and gone all religious on us.

Oh, I should explain the term “done an Angus” (meaning Angus T. Jones of “Two and a Half Men”)… this term is now used to describe the act of publicly denouncing the thing you’ve been earning a nice living from and using your sudden rediscovery of religion as the reason for trashing it, as though some evil Priest sneaked into your bedroom in the middle of the night and replaced your brain with a one from a deluded fanatic and you woke up with the sudden urge to join the Phelps family at their next protest. đŸ˜‰

Is this a trend we’re seeing of people choosing a side? We had Michelle Shocked come out on stage and scream and rant about gay people and their evil ways, promptly destroying her tour after the first show as the rest of the venues rushed to tell her to GTFO. We had the mentioned Angus T. Jones making a video telling everyone how horrible and disgusting his show was, and how a Christian like him really wouldn’t want to watch it – translating as “if you’re a good person you wouldn’t watch it” lol – while making lots of money from doing it of course! And now we have Jake Genesis…

Apparently, after a year of getting it on with guys on video, Jake Genesis has decided that this all goes against his Catholic beliefs… yep, you heard me! You seriously have to wonder whether these people are just trolling, right? I mean, when Angus T. Jones did his little video slagging off his own show because it goes against his “faith” everyone wondered if Ashton Kutcher had got him into punking someone for a new season of his show. When Michelle Shocked had her rant about gay marriage being evil and destroying the world, her fans in the audience were indeed incredulous and kept asking if she was being ironic, or if she was joking or just trying to be creative in some way to make a point!

Now we have an incredibly successful gay porn star deleting himself as much as he can from the gay porn business, slagging it all off, and claiming it’s all a horrid and nasty business, because of his religious beliefs?!

Yep, it’s becoming a little strange out there, as if the religious are all downing tools and ending their careers in spectacular fashion. The question is, will Jake regret it as much as both Angus and Michelle seemed to immediately after? Michelle’s career is now officially over, and Angus has had to grovel and plead almost to stay on the show if rumours are to be believed.

I think we might see Jake back again in another year or two, maybe once the money has run out lol

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Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+6 rating, 6 votes)
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