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Hairy Hunk Alert!

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I am going to say straight away that I have no idea who this handsome and hairy hunk is, but I had to get his pics on the blog when I saw them today. A friend sent me one pic and I was out there looking for more of him within seconds. I actually thought he would be a really good choice when I saw some of the comments on previous posts – there are a lot of you guys here who crave some hairy muscle right now it seems! lol

So, although I have nothing else to say about him other than he’s gorgeous, and his hairy muscled body is so hot he’s boner-inducing the moment you see him, I couldn’t resist the chance to share him.

I’ve even been on dreaded Google and tried to back search from the pics, but no one seems to have any clue who he is or who took the photos, or even what they were taken for. So if you happen to know, some names would be good. Just mention in the comments so we can all maybe get out there and search for some more info and more pics of this hottie! 😉

Hairy Hunk Alert (1)

Hairy Hunk Alert (2)

Hairy Hunk Alert (3)

Hairy Hunk Alert (4)

Hairy Hunk Alert (5)

Hairy Hunk Alert (6)

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+9 rating, 9 votes)
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  • Ryan

    The way a man *should* look! (Yum.)

  • Adam

    Who is this hot wild beast?!

  • Andrew

    Does anyone know the name of the hairy model in the new Aussie bum adverts?

  • nicks40


    (Sorry, an Ewok moment there).

  • Headhunter

    I always love to fur-trap wildlife!!!

  • Guest

    It’s my husband 🙂 now you all can be jealous 🙂

  • Sylas

    Almog Gabay I think. He Has been posted a few times on Hot4Hairy.

  • Tom

    Come to daddy!!!

  • alarn

    Hairy , so nice