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Wet Muscle Model

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Have you ever seen those slow motion videos catching a water balloon smacking a guy in the face and exploding? I know they’re pretty clever, and interesting too. But when I saw these pics taken from one of those slow motion videos I had to share them on the blog. This is less about capturing something interesting and more about drooling over the sight of a hot hunk getting splashed and soaked! 😉

I know there are suggestive things in these kinds of images. There’s already something hot about seeing a muscled hunk wet and glistening, but when you see a hot guy like this getting splashed there is definitely something more sexually suggestive about it. I’m not the only one who thinks that, am I?

Although the hunk appearing in this collection of pics is hot as hell and is definitely familiar to me, I have no idea who he is. If you recognize him please let me know – I know how some of you are like libraries of information when it comes to hot guys – you’re like mentalists lol

Enjoy the pics guys, and remember to let me know if you’ve seen him anywhere else, I’m sure he’s a British male model, but I just can’t place him or think of where I’ve seen him before 🙁

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  • Justin

    Henny Seroeyen

    Little tip: Drag and drop images into Google Images search bar to reverse search photos. Sometimes you have to try multiple photos and dig around websites to find a name. And sometimes you don’t get anything at all. You just have to be clever and investigative (stalker-y) sometimes. 😛