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The Artistic Male Nude

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If you’ve ever been in an art class, the chances are you’ve had to sit there and draw or paint a naked man or woman. I guess it’s a standard thing in art class, but although some say there’s nothing sexual about it, I have to disagree.

I remember the discussions others had back then when an incredibly sexy young man disrobed and showed it all off for one of my classes. I think we were on a break and someone mentioned how sexy he was, and another immediately chastised her for daring to be so “immature”.

I quickly pointed out that sexual attraction is not something you can just switch on and off, and the idea that seeing a naked body is not arousing if it’s someone you would normally be attracted to was ludicrous.

The idea that sexual desire can be “controlled” specifically when you’re in an art class is insane to me.

Sorry, I remembered all of that when I saw these artistic male nude shots of a handsome young man. It made me think of that sexy young student who volunteered to be our muse for a lesson back in my student days 😉

Enjoy the pics, and get out your pencils if you’re so inclined lol

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+1 rating, 1 votes)
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  • pcfreeloader

    The people who make stupid comments like that are probably the most sexually arroused and too embarassed to admit it. I for one find this man very sexually appealing and would have had a “hard” time in a class with him as the model!!!

  • Oozy

    Unlilmite fascination.more beauty than taking in