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Hot Guys Skinny Dipping!

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I know this post is gonna have a lot of you guys horny and wanting more, but I have to say that I don’t know much at all about this collection of pics – other than they are totally hot of course!

Okay, I think this shoot was for Playgirl, but I don’t know who the guys are appearing in it. It’s a totally horny scene though, with a group of totally delicious hunks all hanging out together, literally 😉

I can certainly think of some worse ways to spend a summer day than hanging out with a group of hot and sexy guys with their big cocks out and chubby!

Did you notice that? I think it probably goes without saying that all of these dudes are straight, but there is no denying that there are some secretive glimpses going on here, and plenty of chubby dick starting to thicken up.

Maybe it’s just my imagination, or maybe the guys are actually gay or bi? I don’t know. But I do know a semi boner when I see one, and I see quite a lot of it in these photos! lol

Do you have a favourite? I know it’s hard to say with a group of hotties like this, but I think the ripped guy on the right with the immense dick swinging in front of him is my favourite – I’m such a greedy size queen sometimes! 😉

Hot Guys Skinny Dipping (2)

Hot Guys Skinny Dipping (3)

Hot Guys Skinny Dipping (4)

Hot Guys Skinny Dipping (5)

Hot Guys Skinny Dipping (6)

Hot Guys Skinny Dipping (7)

Hot Guys Skinny Dipping (8)

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  • I would have to say the second pic and last are particularly hot!

  • 1tony165

    the first thing I noticed was the fourth pic…shaved!..I like all the pics but if I have to pick the second pic because of that huge dick head sticking out!!..and I looked up and he has somewhat of a bigger nose….so big feet/nose= big dick??