Muscled Hunk Sebastian Franco

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I have to ask you guys if you have ever heard of Sebastian Franco before. You know, sometimes I see a guy in a collection of pics, or I hear a guys name, and I know I've had him on the blog before or I can at least think back to having seen him in something else. But Sebastian Franco is a new one on me (not ON me literally, although I have to admit that I certainly wouldn't mind!)

The hunk is pretty big, but not too big that he's cartoonish or over the top. I love guys like this, he's masculine and butch, and the body is so hot. You can tell he really has some power in those arms and legs, and the rest of him too I can assume!

I don't always like being totally dominated by a big muscle hunk like him, but I confess that with Sebastian Franco I would love it ;)

These photographs are great too, really moody and stylish. I just wish there were more of them to share. Still, I'm not gonna pass up having this muscle hunk on the blog just because there are only a few pics of him. Alexander Gomez has done a great job with these photos and they are definitely worthy of some sharing here.

If you know anything about him, or you can point me to some more pics of the hunk, then please let me know? ;)

Alexander Gomez (1) Alexander Gomez (2) Alexander Gomez (3) Alexander Gomez (4) Alexander Gomez (5) Alexander Gomez (6)

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11 years ago

I’m sure many guys would love to meet this one in private… he would be a great match with a lot of today’s top gay porn stars.