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Men With Big Balls

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It’s time for me to add another one of our awesome nude posts, and I wanted to do something a little different. I hope you don’t mind, but after the last discussion about foreskin and whether cut is hotter than uncut, I thought there are a few other subjects we could go for too. And of course, the chance to ogle some really hot guys showing off their junk is always going to be welcomed!

So for this post I’m asking you guys about a dudes balls, the nut sack, the scrotum, the ball bag… there are actually several things we could talk about and debate when it comes down to it, from whether hairy or smooth is better, whether you like them loose or pulled up tight, whether you think a pink bag is sexier than a tanned one… lol

But for this one it’s all about size!

I have to admit that along with foreskin, low hangers are a little fetish of mine. There’s this really hot muscle guy at my gym who I guess is in his late 40’s, really handsome and toned, and he has the most impressive low hangers I think I have ever seen. I tell you, after seeing him in the showers washing his semi with those big orbs swinging around I’m solid in seconds! lol

So, what say you readers? Do you get off on big balls? Do you like them swinging low and heavy? Does it not matter to you? Share! 😉

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+12 rating, 14 votes)
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  • sizespec

    Every time I see these I am happy I am a grower and not a shower and keep my balls close to me :-)..

    You may want to post photos of this man who has left us at age 29
    I just read at

  • AJ

    That last pic is a little out of control… and not in a good way.

  • Sam

    Low hanging eggs and sausages are nice but its the total package of a man that counts.

  • Ryan

    I’m pretty much indifferent about large testicles, now some lovely trimmed pubes or armpit hair, that’s another story..

  • dicknude

    wonderful “falling” balls

  • Herrsearch

    smell and nuzzle, smell and nuzzle

  • J.D.M

    Nothing better than sucking a cock and having a beautiful pair of balls slapping me in the chin. LOVE IT!!!

  • Calum Bird

    It would be very easy to castrate those guys with a Burdizzo. Take only a minute or so to “do” each of them with a No. 18 Burdizzo. A powerful tool for crushing the strongest spermatic cords.